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If tooth decay is present in your teeth, your dentist may recommend fillings. A filling is a material that replaces the part of lost tooth to decay.

During a filling procedure, your dentist will clean the affected area, removing the decayed parts of the tooth. The dentist will then give the area an etching so that the new material will adhere properly. Following that, new material fills the cavity.

While you are undergoing a filling, your dentist and dental assistants will be attentive to your comfort. You will receive local anesthetics, numbing agents, and possibly nitrous oxide or conscious sedation in some cases if required. Your comfort is of paramount importance to us.

Filling materials include gold, amalgam (silver), composite resin (plastic), and porcelain inlays/onlays. The type of material used will depend on what your dentist feels is best in conjunction with your desires and budget. The dentist will explain the benefits of her/his recommendations based on your unique dental health.

It is important to treat cavities early when fillings are still possible. Doing so will prevent pain, root canals, or more seriously, tooth and bone loss.

Most filling procedures are completed in one visit to our Midtown East Manhattan location in the United Nations Plaza directly across from the UN. We offer convenient hours and our friendly staff is conversant in more than ten languages.

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