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Dental cleanings and check-ups are vital to your oral health. By having your teeth cleaned 2-4 times per year, you give your hygienist and your dentist opportunities to take care of problems early by identifying periodontal disease and cavities before these issues escalate.

Through dental cleanings and oral examinations, your dentist can also help in maintaining your overall health. Many medical conditions can be identified by your dentist during an oral exam, most during the early stages. Cutting periodontal disease off at the pass can save your teeth, and can prevent further complications for those with diabetes, emphysema, and other medical conditions.

All teeth need regular cleaning by a dental hygienist or dentist, but you may be told that you need a deep cleaning. This most often happens when periodontal disease has led to severe growth of bacteria that is in danger of damaging the supporting structures of your teeth or jawbone, which could in turn, lead to tooth loss. For this procedure, your gums may be numbed to prevent mild discomfort, and the procedure may be divided into two visits.

Dental cleanings and check-ups at the United Nations Plaza Dental are at a convenient Midtown East Manhattan location during hours that work with busy schedules. We are conversant in several languages to accommodate UN staffers of varied nationalities.

Taking time for yourself and having a dental cleaning and check-up will serve you well and keep you healthy

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