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Having a tooth extracted may sound daunting and potentially painful, but at United Nations Plaza Dental, we are experts in the art of dental anesthesia, offering a pain free, stress free, comfortable experience.

If your dentist has recommended extraction of your tooth or teeth, it is to prevent further decay in your mouth and to maintain oral and bodily health. Putting off the procedure can cause nearby to teeth to reach the point of extraction as well, so it is best to take care of your offending tooth or teeth now, rather than later. If the tooth is a wisdom tooth and not decayed, it can still cause further problems in the form of abscesses or orthodontic issues.

Our dentists are sympathetic to the apprehension and nervousness you may feel when you come in for an extraction. Be assured that this procedure is an important and necessary part of your dental plan and that the dentist will be mindful of your comfort throughout the procedure.

United Nations Plaza Dental & Manhattan Dental Implant Institute is located across from the UN in Midtown East Manhattan. Close to work and transportation, our offices and services are convenient to residents and commuters seeking tooth extraction.

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